Tuxedo Vapes was born to bring premium quality safe e-liquids to the market. We wanted to create a real customer experience; taking them through a Tuxedo Vapes journey starting with our packaging to the taste of our carefully crafted e-liquids. Ultimately, we wanted to bring class and elegance to vaping through our products and services.

Our e-liquid range is tried and tested for weeks after development, ensuring that it is not only blended to perfection, but will also stand the test of time, never tiring the tongue. In the end, we are left with carefully crafted and blended e-liquids to bring you nostalgia through taste and smell. Each e-liquid has its own distinct taste, which can be felt not only on inhale but on exhale too.

At Tuxedo Vapes, we believe that if an e-liquid is not good enough for us to consider as an exceptional all-day vape, it is certainly not good enough for our customers.

Made in UK

All our e-liquids are handmade within the UK, in small batches using the highest quality ingredients to ensure premium quality and flavor.

We avoid using flavourings that include Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. All our e-liquids are free from these chemicals for your safety. We do not add any artificial coloring to our e-liquid range either.

We hope that you will enjoy our e-liquids just as much as we do, and we promise to bring you unique blends at an affordable price.