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      Aminosulfonic acid

      The molecular formula of the sulfamic acid is NH2S03H. Commercial goods for the white powder, at room temperature, as long as the dry does not contact with water, solid sulfamic acid is not moisture, relatively stable. Amino sulfonic acid aqueous solution with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other strong acid, so alias called solid sulfuric acid, it has a non-volatile, odorless and very small toxicity to the human body characteristics. Aminosulfonic acid aqueous solution on the corrosion of iron is slow, can add some sodium chloride, so that the slow production of hydrochloric acid, which effectively dissolve iron scale. Aminosulfonic acid aqueous solution can remove iron, steel, copper, stainless steel and other materials produced by the surface of the equipment scale and corrosion products. In addition, it is the only acid that can be used as a galvanized metal surface for cleaning.
      Aminosulfonic acid cleaning agents use a wide range, can be used to clean the boiler, condenser, heat exchanger, jacket and chemical pipeline. In the brewery with it to remove the glass lining tank, pot, open beer cooler, beer barrels on the scale; cleaning enamel factory evaporator, and paper mill equipment; in the air can remove the cooling system, evaporative condenser The use of it, can clean the copper pot, radiator, tableware washing mechanism, silverware, flush toilets, tiles, and so on. It can clean the seaweed evaporator (distillation equipment), heat exchanger and salt water heater. Food and milk cooler equipment; can remove the protein deposited on the digester and fresh meat, vegetables, cheese processing plant used in the disinfection of the sediment on the Lu. US Department of Agriculture to allow ammonosulfonic acid used in fresh meat, poultry, rabbits, eggs processing enterprises for acid cleaning agent.

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