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      • Aminosulfonic acid

        The molecular formula of the sulfamic acid is NH2S03H. Commercial goods for the white powder, at room temperature, as long as the dry does not contact with water, solid sulfamic acid is not moisture,

      • Ammonium sulfamate

        Nature: white crystal. Soluble in water, molecular weight 114.12, easy to absorb moisture in the air, insoluble in methanol and ethanol.

      • Amino sulfonic acid uses

        Amino sulfonic acid is widely used in acid cleaning agents, such as boiler cleaning, metal and ceramic cleaning equipment; heat exchangers, coolers and engine water cooling system cleaning agent

      • Liquid guanidine hydrochloride

        Liquid guanidine hydrochloride (CH5N3.HCL) CAS: 50-01-1 Structural formula: Molecular formula: CH5N3.HCL Molecular weight: 95.53

      • The development of flame retardants

        Since the early 1950s, more than 60 years, especially since the early 1980s, flame retardants (FR) and flame-retardant polymer materials have played an important role in reducing the loss of life and

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