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      TZ-G30 Environmental Protection Type High Efficiency Scale Remover
      Name: TZ-G30 Environmental Protection Type High Efficiency Scale Remover
      Characteristics: TZ-G30 is environmental protection type high efficiency scale remover, It can be used to remove scale in all kinds of industrial boilers, civil tea boiler and stainless steel cooking utensils(non-ferrous metal and their alloy), air-condition, heat water pipe, heat exchanger and porcelain; to remove copper rust on the surface of red copper and brass, the oxide on the surface of welding seam of stainless stain, also used to remove the rust on the surface of metal before painting or electroplating. Low price, good treatment effect; no corrosive effect, not burning, non-toxic, pollution-free, safe and reliable. And it is better than W-122 and SAF acid of USA. It comply with the latest requirements of green environmental protection in European and Japan.
      Appearance: White or light red Crystalline powder or liquid
      Cleaning Method: cleaning temperature: 60 C (high speed cleaning), faster cleaning speed if adopting circulating method, the cleaning time is 6-12 hours.
      Package, Storage: Double layer Kraft paper bag with moisture-proof film, 25kg/ bag. Drums for liquids, 200Kg/ barrel. Products are hygroscopic, should not be exposed to air, moisture absorption caking effect. Avoid sun and rain.
      Quality Index Index Value
      20# steel ≤6.0g/m2h
      Red copper ≤2.0g/m2/h
      Aluminum ≤2.0g/m2/h


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