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      TZ-G40 Environmental Protection Halogen-free Flame Retardant Of Nitrogen Series
       Name: TZ-G40 Environmental Protection Halogen-free Flame Retardant Of Nitrogen Series
       Characteristics: TZ-G40 is environmental protection halogen-free flame retardant of nitrogen series,It is made of organic guanidine with good flame retardancy. The product has excellent thermal stability and resistance to migration. Flame retardant mechanism involving gas phase and condensed phase flame retardant, unlike halogen flame retardant; when the fabric containing TZ-G40 combustion, TZ-G40 decomposition heat, reducing the combustion temperature, and decomposition of flammable gas non flammable inert gas dilution air and fabric produced by decomposition of flame retardant; the product is superior to the general flame retardant. In the process of combustion, it can produce more carbon which can block the combustion zone and external mass, thereby enhancing the fabric flame retardant effect; in addition, it doesn’t produce toxic and corrosive gases in the combustion, and it can greatly reduce the smoke density. It is in full compliance with the EU and Japan the new green environmental protection requirements.
       Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
       Main component  (wt%): ≥40%
       PH value: 6-8
       Density(20℃,g/cm3) 1.20-1.30
       Use:  It can be used in textiles, fabrics, paper, wood, fire-retardant, fire retardant coatings and other products.
       Package, storage ,
       25 kg or 200 kg plastic bucket, stored in dry and cool place, transported by general non-dangerous chemicals.


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